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Gold’s March Madness Bracket Tips

Need some help with your bracket? Here are few notes to help you dominate your bracket challenge!


  1.  Advance all your #1 seeds to the Sweet 16. They’re 68-0 in the 1st round, 59-9 in the 2nd round. Should be your easiest picks.

2. Three seeds are near .500 in the 2nd round over the last 8 years. Good bet at least one 3 seed will make the Sweet Sixteen.

3. At least one # 2 seed won’t make it to the Sweet 16. In the past 20 years, all four #2 seeds made it to the Sweet Sixteen once.

4. At least one #4 seed is likely to lose in the 1st round. Get this…. A #4 seed has lost in the 1st round in 7 of the last 10 years.

5.  Don’t go all chalk….There’s an average of 8 upsets a year in the 1st round. In 31 of last 37 years, at least 1 team seeded 6 or lower has reached the Elite  Eight.

6.  The top 4 seeds in each region have survived the Round of 64 just five times since 1985. Don’t go chalk for your Sweet Sixteen.

7.  Pick a 12 seed to win. 12 seeds have won at least 1 game in 26 of the past 29 yrs. They’ve won 2+ games in 12 of the past 17 yrs.

8.  Don’t go crazy only pick one 12 seed to make it to the Sweet 16. Multiple 12 seeds have only made it to the Sweet 16 once.

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